7 Reasons Why Every D&D Fan Should Play Neverwinter

Neverwinter, an MMO role-playing bold from Cryptic Studios, is an online Dungeons and Dragons adventure. Full of activating quests, fun customizations, and a deluge of rewards, it hasn’t gotten a huge bulk of apprehension back its admission in 2013. While originally appear for PC, it came out on Xbox One in 2015, and Playstation 4 in 2016. But it is an accomplished way for admirers of the tabletop RPG to analyze the apple and belief of D&D further. Here are seven reasons, in no accurate order, why you should be arena it, too!

1. It Gets Updated With D&D Campaign Guides

When new chance campaigns for Dungeons and Dragons are released, there is a consecutive adventure arrangement on Neverwinter to adore them. This includes earlier campaigns like Storm King’s Thunder and Rage of Demons, as able-bodied as newer ones such as The Descent and Dungeon of the Mad Mage. Players who adore these campaigns at the table will accept addition access to analyze them. In contrast, players who haven’t gotten to play them commonly can still acquaintance all the fun they accept to offer. This aswell enforces the living, breath apple of Neverwinter to accept connected threats arise.

2. It’s a Positive Online Experience

Let’s be frank; not anybody online is nice. And it can be frustratingly harder to acquisition a association that lets you analyze on your own after harassment. Neverwinter’s association is, by far and large, actual supportive, collaborative, and welcoming. It is a commonplace to see players alleviate others who accept collapsed or advice them in a battle, and afresh move on with their own quest. You can aswell acquisition players role-playing as their characters in the Moonstone Mask – a alehouse alfresco of the capital city.

3. Happy Holidays

Neverwinter aswell finds an alibi to bless real-world holidays central the game. It’s agitative to access the capital city-limits and see new decorations, events, and capacity to celebrate. These draw from absolute holidays such as Chinese New Year and Christmas while befitting accurate to its D&D roots. A winter anniversary accustomed players to slalom and go ice fishing, while a summer anniversary let players aggregate aliment and play antic events.

4. Replayability

You accept to try harder to be apathetic in Neverwinter. Quests are accustomed to be completed over again, and some are on a connected loop. There are a array of rewards to get in abounding altered avenues, acceptance players to accompany assorted quests and ancillary quests simultaneously. Even ample quests that accept you aeon through ancillary quests over and over afresh will mix it up with new objectives and locations to accumulate things fresh. There is never a addled moment in the game.

5. An Adventuring Party

Players can accompany adventuring parties with humans they apperceive in absolute activity or met in the game. After extensive akin 15 (which goes by actual quickly), you can accredit players to be your “friend.” This lets players amount calm in the aforementioned instance as they biking the apple and realms of Dungeons and Dragons. It’s acceptable to complete quests with a apron or a best friend. But you can aswell accompany dungeons or skirmishes that briefly brace you with others to yield on arduous quests. The arrangement keeps the parties balanced, acceptance everyone’s strengths to flash and authoritative it feel like a acceptable D&D game.

6. Deep D&D Lore

As Neverwinter was initially appear afore the contemporary 5th copy of Dungeons and Dragons, there is a abundant accord of belief to enjoy. There are abounding gods, locations, and storylines that draw from earlier versions of D&D as able-bodied as newer ones. Players can aswell babble with and go on quests with archetypal characters from the accepted R.A. Salvatore novels, such as the drow forester Drizzt and abrupt dwarven baron Bruenor.

7. So Abounding Rewards

Neverwinter is a actual achievement-oriented game. And it does this actual well. There are short, and continued quests players can accouterment to get all kinds of rewards. This includes new armor and weapons, approved apparel items (which can be beat after sacrificing armor rating), mounts, pets, spells, boons, enchantments, and aggregate in between. There is consistently a activity of “I wish this next” and “Now this thing”!

Somehow, Neverwinter has been mostly disregarded by the D&D community. There are abounding options for those who wish to acquaintance Dungeons and Dragons, including lath amateur and added video bold experiences. But Neverwinter is a aphotic horse, and it’s connected active quests, admiring community, and active apple is a allowance that keeps on giving. No D&D fan’s resume is complete after diving the arete that is this game.

Neverwinter Astral Diamonds are the main currency in the game and you can use them to gain strength.


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