Cryptic Studios turns 20 with Neverwinter & Star Trek Online updates

Game developers usually cannot earn 20 years in this industry. This makes Cryptic Studios very rare in the game world, and they certainly have enough reasons to celebrate the game lasting so long, so they proposed major updates for their two biggest games: Neverwinter and Online Star Trek.

Today you will see the latest update of Neverwinter titled Avernos. As the name suggests, the adventurer wandered through the waste of Avernus and explored the first floor of nine hells. Players will meet Lulu, the former companion of Archidevil Zariel, who can help you with a locked hell puzzle box. In other words, suppose she can restore her memory. Therefore, stroll Avernos to refresh Lulu's memory, and then open the puzzle box again. This is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, it turns out to be so difficult that Makos and Mahadi will have to join the journey.

"House Split" is the latest update to the online version of Star Trek. It gives returning players the opportunity to experience epic war stories centered on the Klingons, and Martok in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Star Trek discoverer T’Kuvma’s sister, J’Ula, fell into war because the modern Klingon Empire and the Confederation established an unimaginable ally. Jura and his lieutenant Akar (Grand Lang's grandfather) are committed to correcting this error and calling their real Klingon brothers a living. It is now up to the players to work with Martok to quell this rebellion and maintain the newly established peace within the Federation.

Although Neverwinter and Star Trek Online are free, players can find a 20th anniversary gift package for each game. The Neverwinter package will be available from July 6th and can be obtained by talking to the reward agent in the game. STO packages can be collected at 1 MT on the Mudd market in the Zen store.

To learn more about Neverwinter Avernus updates, please visit the Neverwinter website. You can find more information about updating "House Division" on the "Star Trek" online website. Both are running at this time.

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