How to Get Neverwinter Astral Diamonds

Rough star diamond agriculture

Rough star diamond refinement limits can be used as a baseline for how much AD you can get. However, only 100,000 RADs per day can be converted into "real" star diamonds. With this hard drive, developers control how much Astral Diamonds players can add to the economy. Once you reach level 70, you usually don't have any problems reaching the upper limit, but lower levels may not always be the same.

There are two main ways to accumulate RAD in a Neverwinter role. The first is to run a random queue available. After collecting thousands of RADs from Random Quests, you can practice Method 2 - Farm Run. Players can play the fastest dungeons (currently Spider Temple, Tuern Coast and Demogorgon) to quickly cultivate the final box including RAD.

Daily task

Daily tasks are the most common way to get AD. You can complete different types of daily tasks (PvP, PvE Dungeons, PvE Skirmishes and Foundry Quests) and reward AD when you are done. Rewards are different from daily tasks. Talk to Rhix in Protector's Enclave to start daily tasks or just activate them via the login page!

Agricultural activity reward

Another major way to win AD btw is the Skirmish hour event. At any particular moment in the game, an event is running and you can see what the current event is and the next two events next to your mini map. When a minor incident occurs, you will end up with 1000 AD from the chest, and you can easily get 3-6k AD from one of them in an hour, while completing another 3k conflict every day.

Underground city farm

You can play the Dungeons free dungeon box and sell unbound loot to provide you with a fair amount of star diamonds. The dungeon box will have a rough astral diamond bonus instead of salvaging items. They also don't need a dungeon chest key and offer rewards to rejoin to increase the chances of a better loot. There are also some Masterwork resources that are sold from the boss and sell well. Of course, you won't get valuable things every time, but items like Ultimate Enhanting Stones can make a huge profit in a few days.

Selling items at the auction house

When you run a dungeon and get a spoiler that is useless to your character, you can sell it at the auction house. As mentioned earlier, the auction house uses AD as the currency, and you can make a good profit by selling the goods here.

How to Use Astral Diamonds in Neverwinter?

At Neverwinter, Astral diamonds can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them to speed up professional tasks, copy the look of your favorite objects, buy some new epic gear at the auction house, and more. Please note that you cannot use Neverwinter Astral Diamonds immediately. You must optimize them before using it. To optimize Astral Diamonds, you can wait for the game to automatically optimize them, or you can optimize yourself by clicking the Optimize button on the Currency tab in Inventory, up to 24,000 AD per day.


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