Neverwinter Announces New Campaign Called Echoes Of Prophecy

Amazing World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have a spic and span crusade coming to Neverwinter Astral Diamonds as players will encounter Echoes Of Prophecy. The Cult of the Dragon, one of the deadliest and most incessant factions to spring up in the Forgotten Realms, has returned in this epic three-level mission. Beginning today you can encounter the main achievement called A Tear In The Weave, where you should uncover the secret behind the faction's most recent return. This likewise accompanies a lot of new substance for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation players at the same time which incorporates epic prizes, dangerous adversaries, journeys, and that's just the beginning. The following two achievements will open up on the first of the month for both November and December. We have a few subtleties here with the trailer, and you can get more data on the most recent designer blog.

In Echoes of Prophecy, gossipy tidbits about unsettling influences in the Weave have started to whirl probably as new faces start showing up close by the number of inhabitants in Protector's Enclave. Close by the unbelievable Sage of Shadowdale, Elminster Aumar, players explore this baffling marvel and quest for replies in order to carry harmony to Faerûn again.

Players will encounter this developing, epic mission across three extraordinary achievements — with the principal achievement having players start their examination of the Cult of the Dragon's return. To effectively uncover the secret, players should initially unite as one to end the faction's amazing clerics. The whole Echoes of Prophecy crusade paves the way to an especially layered mission for Neverwinter's next significant module.

En route in this experience, players can open restricted time rewards, including a Neverwintan Hawk and the Neverwinter's Standard Artifact Package, by signing in, playing through the story and finishing repeatable missions. Players who might want to procure extra surface level prizes, for example, the Glistening Armor Transmute Set, and the Jewel of the North Artifact Package, can buy the exceptional fight pass.


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