Neverwinter Astral Diamond Guide

Welcome to our NeverWinter Astra Diamonds guide,the Heart of Fire! In this guide we will go over all the possible scenarios for making AD in Neverwinter. From the basics to investing in the auction house to good old fashion farming!

Since mod 14, Ravenloft limited the max rough AD you can refine, I recommend everyone to save your AD for the moment as prices on the AH will hopefully drop within the next few weeks and months.

The Basics of Astral Diamond Making

First of all, if you are serious about making AD, you will want to invest in VIP. VIP will give you numerous benefits when making AD, and it basically pays for it self through the keys you get every day.

Getting to VIP rank 8, for the no auction house fee bonus is vital if you want to make money by re-selling on the auction house, but there is little benefit of going past rank 8. See more about investing on AH further down.


Be sure to use your utility enchanments and Wanderer’s Fortune to make RP. The more RP you make yourself, the less you have to spend on it. You can also use that RP to refine enchantments that you can sell. 

I currently use x3 Dragon’s Hoard, x1 Quartermaster’s and x1 Fey’s Blessing, along with a mount with Wanderer’s Fortune. The Griffon mount is a good mount to get Wanderer’s Fortune. If you play a lot on your character you acutally only need one of each enchantment as you will hit the cap.

Rough Astral Diamonds and Refining

Refining Rough AD is the meat and potatoes of AD making, and you should aim to hit the cap as often as you can, preferably every day. As of Mod 14, Ravenloft, the cap for Rough AD is 100k for the entire account, as opposed to the previous cap of 36k for each character. 

While this might first seem like a bad thing at first, it really isn’t. Given time this change will lower the prices on the auction house and items will be cheaper and more accesible to normal players as AD farmers aren’t flooding the market with as much AD. It also makes the whole refining process a lot less time consuming and cuts down on all the micro managing between multiple characters.

Farming for Astral Diamonds

The efficiency of farming AD, changes a lot from module to module. During Storm King’s Thunder, you could make a ton of AD by farming Lanolin. When new modules are released, be sure to look out for all sorts of items and currencies that can be farmed for Neverwinter AD.

Dungeons can also be farmed, but up until you can do Fangbreaker Island and the dungeons of the later modules, you will mostly be limited to farming for salvage (see further up).


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