Neverwinter: Avernus – 8 Questions The Redeemed Citadel Will Answe

Neverwinter is a popular online video game set in the universe of Dungeons & Dragons, the global fantasy franchise that began with a game played with paper and pen, and now includes comic books and much more. Many players are currently near the tail end of "The Redeemed Citadel," a limited time event that brings the "Descent Into Avernus" campaign to an end and sets the scene for Mod 20. Players worked together collectively to help Zariel restore the Bleeding Citadel to its former angelic glory through four distinct phases.

Of the existing Neverwinter campaigns, "Redeemed Citadel" is different in many respects, both in how it operates, and in the end result. Naturally, Phase IV, the culmination of the adventure, brings the most changes, and answers the most questions.

What's The Deal With The Aasimar?

"The Redeemed Citadel" adventure introduces a new race to Neverwinter, the Aasimar. The Aasimar are part of the classic paper DnD gameplay, but this marks a first for the digital Neverwinter realm. For players, the appeal is at least partly in their appearance, which includes cool features like pink hair and glowing eyes.

They usually take on the appearance of beautiful human beings or elves, but may also have an otherworldly look. Half demonic, they also have a kind of angelic presence, and increase the power of any group they are a part of.

How Can Gamers Play As Aasimar?

The Aasimar are available as a playable race for players who have bought all four of the Reforger’s Blessings and claimed all the available personal rewards for all four of the milestones along the way, prior to the introduction of Phase IV.

However, once unlocked, the Aasimar are unlocked account wide, and can be used in future play. Their abilities include Celestial Presence, increasing all party members in the area by 1% for max hit points; increased damage; enhanced healing; and Ability Scores, granting 2+ to any two stats.

How Does The Group Adventure Come Together?

Players help Zariel rebuild the Citadel, and as each phase is completed, a server-wide meter records the progress. That process was already in place in Phase III. When the Citadel finally fills up, and all the ruined sections have been transformed, however, it initiates changes throughout the gameplay area in real time, including the music playing in the background.

It marks a significant step forward in the story. That's why developers didn't want the Citadel event to happen more than once. Whatever shifts have taken place are part of the story moving forward.

What Happens To Unclaimed Milestone IV Rewards?

The Premium Legendary Insignia Choice Pack Bundle is one of the new personal rewards introduced in Phase IV, along with the Crown of Candles Transmute, Reforger's Pants, and 3x Blessed Gifts of the Companion Choice Pack.

The Insignia Choice pack lets players choose from the legendary insignia Brutality, Initiative, or Fortitude. Those rewards, like the others in Phase IV, do not have an expiry date, and players can continue to reclaim them as long as they play the game. It’s a lasting benefit from the time-limited event.


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