Neverwinter Guide for New Level 70 Players

Level 70 Guide

Congratulations on reaching Level 70 in Neverwinter! This can be a little overwhelming, but I hope this guide can help you navigate through all the changes in the game.

To get your first set of gear, I recommend asking for help doing the opening quests for the Ravenloft Campaign, "Unwelcome Guests". Upon completion, you are given a pile of gear with enchantments already slotted, though you might have to spend some gold to rearrange them. The “artifacts” given are complete trash, so only use them if you have an empty slot.

You can now use Artifact Weapons. The Vistani gear set will also come with some weapons, but do not refine them at all. Just equip them until you can replace them with Primal Weapons. Primal Weapons can be purchased them using Seals of the Brave, which can be earned from Level 70 dungeons and Heroic Encounters. You can also use the seals to purchase Primal Rings and gear, but it’s not significantly better than the Vistani.

You should already have at least 2 artifacts: The Lantern of Revelation from the Sage’s Shop quest (there are 2 other choices, but they aren’t worth using), and your Class’s Sigil from the Vault of the Nine quest. Equip the Lantern as your Primary Artifact. Your third artifact should match your artifact set of choice, and your final one should be something that has useful stats. I suggest finding a cheap artifact set, but don’t refine this set beyond epic if you plan on changing it out later.

Some good cheap sets are:

Black Ice Beholder (Scourge Warlock, Paladin)

Lostmauth (Great Weapon Fighter, Trickster Rogue)

Valhalla (Guardia Fighter)

Tiamat (Devoted Cleric)

Company Cloak (Hunter Ranger, Trickster Rogue, Control Wizard)

The Company Cloak can be purchased at the Guild Armorer using Guild Marks, which are earned by contributing to your guild’s coffer. You can pair it with a block stat belt that is useful for your class, such as:

Greater Owlbear Leather Belt of Intelligence (Control Wizard)

Greater Twined Rope of Dexterity (Hunter Ranger)

Greater Girdle of Strength (Trickster Rogue)

If you haven’t joined a Guild already, I highly recommend it. Guild membership has a lot of benefits! They can help you with a lot of things. The most notable is the Guild Boons. These are the most powerful boons in the game, so make sure you contribute to your guild’s coffer to help increase the boons. You also need to be in a guild to purchase a Company Cloak and earn the Guild Marks to purchase the cloak.

You will notice a purple enchantment square on your new weapon and armor. These are special enchantment slots that require a specific type of enchantment. Something is better than nothing, so I recommend finding the cheapest enchantment available to start out, such as Vorpal and Soulforge. Read your class guides carefully to see what enchantments you should be saving up for.

For your pants and shirts, the professional production is super cheap and only costs a small NeverWinter Astra Diamonds. Each type can only be used by certain classes, so make sure you get the right type. Options include:

Shimmerweave (CW, SW)

Adamantine (DC, OP, GF, GWF)

Drakeskin (HR, TR)

I also highly recommend respeccing your character when you reach Level 70. The expectations of your class at lower levels is going to be different compared to Level 70; for example, a Devoted Cleric is expected to heal at lower levels, but they are expected to buff in Level 70 content. You can purchase a Respec Token from Sybella Artis, using seven Symbols of Savras. You get these Symbols by completing zones and collecting the rewards from your campaign window.


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