Neverwinter is getting episodic Avernus content soon

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios announced The Redeemed Citadel, the first episode of the new content series for Neverwinter: Avernus that is all about rebuilding angelic influence in the hellish landscape.

Neverwinter: Avernus kicked off when players ventured into the first layer of Nine Hells in order to confront the Archdevil Zariel who used to be an angel but has fallen from grace. Considering the new episodic content is a direct continuation of the story, there will be spoilers for the current state of affairs on live servers so proceed at your discretion.

The first episode's name, The Redeemed Citadel, refers to Zariel's Bleeding Citadel which was her seat of power during the Archdevil's reign. However, she has been redeemed and freed from Asmodeus' bondage and wishes to do the same for her stronghold.

With that in mind, players will be tasked with restoring it to its former glory so it can once again be a bastion for angelic forces in the Nine Hells. However, this will not be done by just completing weekly hauls or campaign tasks alone. Players will instead have a community challenge where they can participate in server-wide milestones.

As each milestone is reached, a new part of the Bloody Citadel will be unlocked and ready for cleansing. Naturally, participation will not just hinge on the players' goodwill to restore a homestead for a pile of pixels.

They will be encouraged to do so with a new currency, Zariel's Favour, which will serve as a way to purchase rewards such as transmute gear, Astral Diamonds, mount tokens and more.


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