Neverwinter: Jewel of the North Introduces Bard Class Based on D&D

Fans of Neverwinter and Dungeons & Dragons are in for a pleasant surprise. Cryptic Studios announced that the next module for Neverwinter, titled Jewel of the North, will launch for PC on July 27 before a release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the fall. Jewel of the North will include several new gameplay additions. It will be the first new gameplay module since August 2019.

Neverwinter is a massively multiplayer role-playing game that is set in the fictional city of Forgotten Realms from the tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons. Players are able to choose from one of the traditional Dungeons & Dragons classes, form parties with up to five other playable characters, and explore the fictional world. The game is free to play but has been supported since its launch in 2013 with 20 different modules, which introduce content such as new campaigns, new playable races, new dungeons, and new zones.

According to Cryptic Studios, The Jewel of the North update will introduce the Bard class to Neverwinter, which was introduced to Dungeons & Dragons in the 5th edition of the game and was not available when Neverwinter released (which was originally based on the 4th edition rules). Bards can select one of two Paragon Paths, Songblade or Minstrel, which gives players the opportunity to choose between melee and ranged attacks. The Bard's powers will be based on the power of music, allowing the player to buff and heal allies, or even enchant weapons.

In addition, the update will also introduce a streamlined leveling system, which more closely matches the system from Dungeons & Dragons. The level cap will be changed from 80 to 20, so new players will be able to reach epic content quicker than before. However, players who are experienced in the game will have new ways to level up their characters. Neverwinter will also gain several other early game performance improvements, a refined tutorial, and a new Adventures system.

This news will surely come as welcome news to Neverwinter players who have waited nearly two years for new content. The fact that a free online MMORPG is still being so strongly supported eight years after its release is a testament to Cryptic Studios commitment. Introducing new content from the new version of Dungeons & Dragons is also a great way to entice new players, particularly those who began playing Dungeons & Dragons recently. Regardless, these new additions are a great boon to the existing quality of the game and will give players new ways to explore the Forgotten Realms.


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