Neverwinter: New Playable Race When it Launches

Neverwinter PC players will have the opportunity to participate in the ancient war between Gis and the illusion during the uprising. Players will be sent to the base of the sky asteroid. The uprising will include Gith as a playable game. A new PvP map will be on display, a fashion system reform, "re-selecting early game areas and stories" and more.

The conflict between Illithid and Gith erupted in Undermountain's cave, giving players a unique opportunity to challenge Halaster Blackcloak's last 10-player game when he appeared to deal with these threats to his kingdom. The long-term stay of the adventurer at Undermountain was very prosperous for Protector's Enclave, which led to the renovation of the entire city.

Users entering Protector's Enclave and elsewhere will also find an updated early gaming experience - adapting multiple regions and stories. After classroom optimization in Undermountain, players can expect to receive new PvP maps and equipment. Finally, the fashion system overhaul will keep the adventurer in top shape, and another "old story" event will revitalize more dungeons in the past - giving players more dungeons than before - binding forms and functions.

The developer plans to release more of a series of developer diaries in the coming weeks. There will be a live question and answer about the uprising on Wednesday, July 10 at 2 pm Pacific Time / 5 pm ET.

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