‘Neverwinter Nights’ on Switch is Overwhelming, Yet Enticing

"Neverwinter Night: Enhanced Edition" is the closest BioWare ever made horror game, and is now available on Nintendo Switch*.

*This week it was also released on PS4 and Xbox One! However, it took me 25 hours to play with this baby, just like playing RPG for 100 hours. You should: lie on the sofa with the Switch three inches away from my face, and "Great British Bake-Off" Play in the background.

The game is not particularly terrifying-although you will hear a lot of screams, wailing and "Don't leave me! Please, don't leave me!" This is a terrible one when you are on your way to a role in a winterless night The plague surrounded by walled cities without obvious causes. The disease does not spread through physical contact, and even those who have been quarantined have managed to contract the disease.

As a newly graduated City Guard member, your mission is to help the powerful Paladin Aribeth collect the ingredients needed for healing. At the beginning of the game, Aribeth collected stealth, and these stealth bodies contained the necessary ingredients. However, a mysterious and coordinated strike against the city scattered these creatures across the four areas of Neverwinter. Your journey will take you through a prison now dominated by prisoners, city docks**, the Black Lake District** and the beg nest, a barren area surrounded by a group of zombies from the nearby cemetery.

**I have not been to these areas. This game is huge-this version includes the main campaign, two lengthy extensions, and various modules created by the player-and, I tried all the features provided.

If you are like me, the setup will be very interesting. I missed the time when Neverwinter Nights was first released in 2002 (I was 8 years old at the time), so the appeal of traveling through the whole story attracted players to pursue instead of crossing the high fantasy plains and The mountains, but the economic and social class crisis that crosses the city is really exciting for me. The idea of ??performing this operation on a portable system is particularly appealing. Moreover, there are many exciting places!

That is to say, if your starting point for entering RPG is Bethesda, CD Projekt Red or even BioWare's modern products, you need to plan a lot of work to make the most of "Winterless Night". In 2019, this once "mainstream" RPG may need to use wikis.

Fighting, pace and execution are particularly tricky. Pacing is a pain point because "Winterless Night" provides few opportunities for grinding, but it seems to be expected. In a dungeon in the "Shadow of Undrentide" expansion, I went from being at the same level as the enemy I faced to greatly reducing the level for my boss. This may have been intentional-it was designed and kept at the time to encourage players to find companions for multiplayer games-but for me, it’s a pity that someone who is most interested in playing this game by themselves. Moreover, considering that the enemy will not respawn after defeating the enemy, choosing a level is not a real choice.

Even so, fighting is the most unpleasant part of "Winterless Night", so I don't want to find more fun in it. After 25 hours, I still didn't reach the place where I was satisfied with the game pause and playback system. Usually, I think it is just outdated. The game's love of the original materials of "Dragon and Dungeon and Dragon" means that you will often miss blank hits even in a relaxed situation, because this is the case with dice rolls. I understand why BioWare and other CRPG developers at the turn of the century chose this system. In an era of weak Internet connections, semi-real-time, half-returned qualified fights are ideal for online games. But today, it feels like a trivial matter. It is neither as satisfying as the system used by Larian in the game "Original Sin", nor tactically, not as sensitive as the click response in an action RPG like Diablo. Outdated and outdated does not spoil the mechanic. The recent retired shooting games Dusk and Ion Fury each revived the story-level explosion effect of the FPS in the 90s! But... the battle here feels like a compromise to solve a problem that no longer exists.

In other words, Beamdog has performed well in porting games to Switch. The developer's mission is to bring the D and D gaming era to the consoles-Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment has also joined the Switch this year with the company's efforts, and achieved commendable success . The current revival of underground cities and dragons driven by streaming media, coupled with the success of the Pillar of Eternity, the original sin game of God Realm and the discotheque, have made Isometric RPGs popular again. Now, thanks to Beamdog, the most important classic music of this genre can be used on every major platform. This is a very cool important achievement.

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