Neverwinter Patch Notes Has Released

Arc Games has released a new patch description for Neverwinter, including adjustments to enemies, items, occupations, and more.

See the code snippet below and see the full patch description here.

Items and Economy


The chopped "Rab of the Siege Warrior" no longer sends the wrong spam to the player when   in use.

Now, when done between levels 71 and 80, the call will provide XP correctly.

One of the Moonstone dye packs has now been renamed the Fartouched dye pack.

PvP now correctly rewards glory and XP to players 71-80.

Experienced strike rings now correctly provide crit rather than armor penetration.

The three dye packs that appear in the look and feel are now correctly found in the Trade     Bar store, but not in the game.

Item Powers

The reward of the Lionheart weapon set can now also increase the effect of the outward   treatment.

Now, the "Mountain Hunter" armor power can be used normally in the "Crazy Master Tower"   and other new uprising maps.


Wakken's gold treasure chest no longer erroneously grants abandoned professional   resources.

Enemies and Encounters


When the permanent frost is used by Storvald (in Svardborg) or Drufi (in Fangbreaker   Island), it no longer erroneously causes the player to lose some self-gain and effect.

Tower of the Mad Mage

Tower of the Mad Mage will now properly unlock on Saturday, August 24th, at 10:00 PDT (17:00 UTC) for players who have unlocked it in the campaign.

Duumvirate now originates from the mid-line of Halaster, instead of a few feet in front of him.

Halaster now prioritizes damage-dealers (DPS) before healers when casting Eruption.

Halaster now becomes immune to damage when he finishes activating Sunfall.

Dev note: Because players cannot win the encounter if they're all dead, we wanted to prevent the case where DoTs could take him down to 0% after his ultimate, but still leave players without a victory.

Halaster now properly resets during Sunfall if all players are defeated or the arena is empty.

Magnetic Attraction no longer has a chance to immediately fire when a tethered partner dies.

Magnetic Attraction now properly disappears when a tethered partner dies.

When shifting phase to Sunfall, Halaster now consistently cleans up certain environmenta  l hazards and creeping ice.

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