Neverwinter's 20th Module: New Sharandar & The Annis Hag Explained

Neverwinter, the Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG, will return to a familiar location during the adventures planned for the 20th Module of the game, Neverwinter: Sharandar. Neverwinter players will find themselves revisiting Sharandar once again, now known as New Sharandar, for a story spanning three episodes. Episode 1: The Iron Tooth, will send players on a terrifying journey to battle a evil foe of the Feywild that is threatening New Sharadar. Careful strategy and forethought will be required if players hopes to survive their encounter with the wicked monster waiting to challenge them.

When the King Malabog was defeated, evil creatures of Neverwinter's Feywild collapsed into war. Cyclopes, redcaps and trolls battled fiercely over who would gain control of the Ruins of Malabog, turning the land into a churning battleground steeped in violence. During these battles, a terrible power rose from the Feywild, an Annis Hag, who bent the bands of creatures to her own will in order to turn her power against New Sharandar.

The ancient evil of the Annis Hag is the most powerful and feared of the Feywild. While technically Fey, Hags are bent, twisted creatures of evil, terrifying might. Their appearances are so wretched, the Fey Courts of Neverwinter have shunned them, only incurring further anger and resentment from the creatures. Hags embrace a vile existence, with the goal to be as frightening and intimidating as possible. They have no love for beauty or peace, and use their surprising strength for malicious purposes.

Neverwinter's New Module Will Have Players Return To Sharandar

Hags possess powerful claws that allow them to deal terrible damage to Neverwinter players, as well as the ability to use magic. They are unusually strong, and can overwhelm an opponent with brute force alone. Hags possess surprising agility as well, allowing them to ambush players by moving about battle areas with ease. However, while their physical strength and dexterity might seem intimidating, it is their spell "Magic Circle" that players will find to be one of the biggest hurdles. If an opponent finds themselves in a Hag's Magic Circle, they will be trapped, and at the mercy of any physical damage she wishes to deal, with players unlikely to survive it.

If players want to live through their encounter with Neverwinter's evil Annis Hag, they will likely want to keep their distance during combat. Because a Hag deals heavy damage through physical attacks, preparing with ranged weapons and spells could be the difference between life and death during battle. Players will also want to make sure they pack healing potions, and strategize thoroughly with their party, before confronting the Annis Hag. Launching into a new Neverwinter module is an exciting challenge for fans of the MMORPG, and taking on this monster of the Feywild will keep players on their toes as they battle to protect New Sharandar.


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