Neverwinter's 20th Module: The Mended Grove & Night Hag Explained

Trouble continues to brew in Neverwinter, the Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG, as players explore the events transpiring in the 20th Module: Sharandar. The release of Episode 2: The Soul Keeper adds new quests and challenges for players to face, including the second Hag Mathilda Soulstealer, who has infested the Mended Grove. Mathilda has corrupted the once-recovered area and will be a challenge to those who wish to unseat her and end her corrosive influence.

The Mended Grove was once a dangerous place in Neverwinter called the Blighted Grove, ruled by King Malabog. After his defeat, the evil creatures who had poisoned the land retreated, and the Iliyanbruen of New Sharandar came to assist in the area's healing. Dubbed the "Mended Grove," Dryads and other wild creatures returned. However, secrets from darker times lay buried underneath the trees and shrubs, and these remnants of Eladrin and Archfey rulers drew the attention of a wicked, evil Night Hag, Mathilda Soulstealer.

Mathilda Soulstealer moved into the Mended Grove and began to twist and corrupt the once-healed space. She pushed the Dryads out and brought with her creatures that thrived in the evil and darkness. Any elves who dared to go into the forest and dispel the evil or attempt to find out what was causing the destruction, came out unrecognizable and corrupted. Now Mathilda's Tormented Legion of undead monsters have reclaimed the Mended Grove for their own, and it is up to the player and their Dungeons & Dragons party to remove her.

Much like the Annis Hag in Neverwinter's 1st episode for Module 20, Mathilda Soulstealer is a powerful foe that will require careful preparation and strategy to overtake. Mathilda is a Night Hag, and possesses a number of deadly spells that can deal serious damage. She can use "Poison Rain" to summon a downpour of toxic rain on the party, or blast them with "Magic Missel." With the spell "Guardians" she can summon her undead army to assist her in battle, greatly increasing the difficulty of combat for players.

One of the biggest challenges Neverwinter players will face while taking on Mathilda Soulstealer is the Heartstone. This magical item allows the Night Hag to slip into the Ethereal Plane, making her difficult to locate and immune to damage dealt by the party. For those going through the storyline of Neverwinter's new episode for Module 20, encountering the Night Hag is inevitable. Because of this, players will want to build a solid strategy with their party members as they continue to provide assistance to the Iliyanbruen.


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