Neverwinter’s Sharandar Episode 1 Now Available on Consoles

Neverwinter engineers reported that the main scene of the new Sharandar module is presently accessible on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Players would now be able to appreciate Episode 1, named The Iron Tooth.

For those new to the game, Sharandar offers another three-scene module, which is a patched up variant of the Adventure Zone that was first presented in 2013 with Fury of the Feywild. In Sharandar, it appears to be that foes that had whenever been thought crushed have returned. In reality, rather disrupting obscurity has begun to gradually crawl across Feywild. In all these, three witches have asserted the encompassing terrains as well as even figured out how to accumulate the dispersed followers of Malabog.

For three scenes, players will confront the old danger to take harmony and request back to Sharandar. As players work to push back the dimness with every scene, they become more acquainted with additional about the land. Every scene offers new highlights alongside new story content, new characters, and surprisingly new zones.

In The Iron Tooth, players are taken back to Feywild where they need to investigate the vanishing of an elven dignitary inside the Ruins of Malabog. Scene 1 presents a few new things including:

Vestiges of Malabog Adventure Zone

Will investigate this zone where what survives from Malabog's military have gotten together with the cronies of the Annis Hag. This enormous social affair of animals is again threatening Sharandar.

?New Sharandar Social Hub

When King Malabog was crushed, the Iliyanbruen mythical beings of New Sharandar made a point to modify their fortress. It has since become a sanctuary for explorers as well as even fey animals.

?Annis Hag Lair

Annis Hag has shown up in the Ruins of Malabog and made a sanctuary. The inquiry is do you dare to enter it and face whoever is inside?

Vault of Stars End-Game Dungeon

The Gloaming Courtis is right now administered by the Queen of Air and Darkness. It is said that covered up in her Vault of Stars is a mystical thing known as Night Diamond.

Scene 1 had effectively been delivered on PC back in February. Scene 2, which is The Soul Keeper, is set to be dispatched on PC on April 13 with the support variant showing up May 13. In Episode 2, players will make a trip to the Mended Grove and know why the dead are frequenting the terrains. Players can anticipate some new highlights, new chivalrous experiences, and new territories to investigate in the subsequent scene. In the mean time, Episode 3: The Odious Court has no authority delivery date yet.


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