Neverwinter - What to do at level 80

So you reach level 80 in Neverwinter, but you don't know what to do now. Don't worry, this is the freshest feeling of the 80s. Ending the game without winter nights can be confusing, but this guide is designed to help you get the characters done. This guide also applies to the new 80 level. In this guide, I will show you how to improve the item level after reaching level 80.

Perhaps the best way to get a higher item rating is to use Neverwinter Astral Diamonds. You can use AD to purchase equipment, enchants, mounts, companions and even skip campaigns.

Armor, Weapons And Workpieces

The first thing to do! Click on 80 to get some new gear to improve your item level.

The "Important Invitation" will also provide you with a weapon set. Upgrade these to at least blue quality. When you reach level 80, there are several options to choose from, such as the Alabaster package.

Don't make too many improvements to your course until you get the course you want and build the course. Some builds use a full set, while others break it down or use items that are not part of the set. In most cases, getting your cloak and belt may not be too difficult. Some are purchased through AH for Astral Diamonds and others through campaign currencies.

Once you have the one you want, you can start putting the RP into it for upgrade. Get them to at least Epic quality as quickly as possible, and upgrade the whole set at once instead of upgrading one at a time.

Starting with mod 16, there aren't many changes to its collection terms. For most DPS courses, the immortal king's immortality is still BiS.

The Shadow Tracker's ring from Chult is still good for DPS.

Otherwise you want to get Spy's Guild/Protégé/ Ebonized Rings.

For shirts and trousers, a good choice is to get a spy guild or Protégé from the seal supplier.

Getting and upgrading all artifacts will require some RP and time. Before upgrading anything that exceeds Epic quality, I would recommend the best results in the slot artifacts. The quality of upgrading to Epic will be completed soon, but will slowly develop into Legendary.

The best way to go about refining your artifacts is working on all of them at the same time. Refine all of the to the next tier, instead of working on them one at a time.

As of Neverwinter mod 16 try to get the new artifacts for the most stats unless you are using a older artifact for a set.


As a new level 80, you will get some of the charm of the free Undermountain gear. Focus on getting bonded Runestones and ranking them before you focus on enchantment, as they give you the most statistics. Then you can start to refine your magic or buy a better enchantment. As with Artifacts, it is much better to work with all of these tools at the same time. Put them all in 8th place, then in the 9th place, and so on.

Armor reinforcement kit

These can be made or purchased at the auction house and will improve your stats and project levels. Keep these in mind when you need some extra project levels to be able to execute new content.


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