Quick Guide To Neverwinter

Welcome to our Refinement Guide! The Refinement system in Neverwinter got a much-needed update in module 12b. It is now much faster to refine gear, artifacts, and enchantments. The x2 enchantment events are now gone, but refining is double as fast all the time. You also no longer have to feed artifacts to other artifacts, and the cost of refining enchantments are much lower. All you have to do is farm or buy refinement and get going! In this guide, I will show you the best tips on how to refine your gear fast and farm refinement.

Bonus Refinement Events

Bonus refinement events come by from time to time, so check your calendar. Mobs you kill during the event will have a chance to drop Refinement, and you can pay to increase the amount of RP they drop. The best way I have found to rack up RP during the event is to run dungeons.

This method will require that you have high DPS and decent survivability. Doing this during XP events works bests. Around Camp Vengeance in Soshenstar River, there are a whole bunch of Rotting Ogre mobs, along with a lot of other undead. Kill everything in a circle around the camp. These Ogres reward you with a lot of XP and just a few runs will give you a level of overflow XP.  Remember to pick up all green equipment and gems for extra RP. When you have killed all the Ogres in a zone, change map to a new map. Always choose the map with the lowest amount of players to make sure no one else is there competing with you.

There is a cap of 100k RP for the event and when you hit certain milestones you get more refinement as rewards to a total of 125k RP and 5 Preservation wards for the entire event.

Farming Refinement Points

The best way to farm RP, is generally by just doing the content you usually do with enchantments and Wanderer’s Fortune. But there are a couple of spots that you can farm for additional RP.

Overflow Experience RP Farming

At level 70 you start earning overflow experience which can reward you with some nice rewards like AD, XP Tomes, Power Points, and Refinement. You will earn Overflow XP just like you earn normal XP so all content will reward you with Overflow XP. There is, however, a spot that you can farm for Overflow XP and make a decent chunk of Refinement.

Dragon Runs in The Well of Dragons

These start every hour at quarter to the hour (12:45, 13:45, etc). Go to the Well of Dragons and watch the chat for what instance number the run is happening it and switch to that instance or ask for an invite if it is full. After the 5 dragons are killed in one instance, move to the next one and you will usually be able to kill all 5 there as well.

One run nets about 3500 RP

Dread Ring

Daily quests in Dread Ring offer some great rewards. The daily lair quest from Sergeant Knox can even reward you with Superior Enchanting Stones. Be sure to forge the Adamantine Gauntlet for extra rewards.

More lair keys can be bought through the Dread Ring campaign store with Vanguard Scrips. Vanguard Scrips can be bought from the Bounty Master in Dread Ring for Onyx Fragments which can be bought off the AH or farmed from Dread Ring mobs. Meaning you can farm the lairs more than once a day. You need 50 Onyx Fragments to buy 10 Vanguard Scrips for one key.

One run through all the dailies nets about 4000+ RP


Sharandar quests also offer great RP rewards. Complete 3 quests in each of the three areas, and earn NeverWinter Astra Diamonds. Sharandar mobs are also very weak so killing the mobs here are really quick.

Each area also has one lair. You will get a free key to the chest at the end of it from the Leprechaun but can buy more from him for 10 Gold Crescent. Gold Crescents can be bought for Fomorian Concoctions at the Bounty Master, and and Fomorian Concoctions can be farmed or bought off the AH.

One run through all 9 quests and one lair nets about 7000+ RP

One lair nets about 2000 RP

That’s it for refinement point farming.


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