Return of the Neverwinter Dragon Cult

Adventurers will discover the secret behind the Cult of the Dragon’s reappearance in A Tear in the Weave, the beginning of a developing campaign. The most recent version also includes a slew of new features, such as amazing prizes, lethal foes, missions, and more. The campaign and content will continue to expand, with the second milestone starting on November 1 across all platforms and the final milestone launching on December 1 across all platforms.

Players will experience this evolving, epic campaign across three unique milestones — with the first milestone having players begin their investigation of the Cult of the Dragon’s return. To successfully uncover the mystery, players must first band together to put a stop to the cult’s powerful priests. The entire Echoes of Prophecy campaign leads up to a particularly scaly campaign for Neverwinter Astral Diamonds’s next major module.

In Echoes of Prophecy, rumors of disturbances in the Weave have begun to swirl about as unfamiliar faces begin appearing alongside the population of Protector’s Enclave. Alongside the legendary Sage of Shadowdale, Elminster Aumar, players investigate this mysterious phenomenon and search for answers in hopes of bringing peace to Faerûn once more.

Along the way in this adventure, players can unlock limited-time rewards, including a Neverwintan Hawk and the Neverwinter’s Standard Artifact Package, by logging in, playing through the story and completing repeatable quests. Players who would like to earn additional cosmetic rewards, such as the Glistening Armor Transmute Set, and the Jewel of the North Artifact Package, can purchase the premium battle pass.

“Then I got to help mentor new designers and teach them some of those elements. So even designers who came from more first-person shooter kinds of games, they maybe got some RPG-ness from discussions with me, and I learned stuff from them. Fast forward to now where I'm doing this campaign book, I can look at how we structured story at BioWare, how we gave the player a choice but constrained it. I didn't do a lot of writing directly, but I worked with the writers all the time. [I knew] all the tips and tricks they did to create compelling adventure areas and narratives and companions. I can now put all that into a role-playing book. Originally, I was improving the quality of the video game from DnD, and now I think I'm improving the quality of a role-playing product from my video game knowledge and experience.”


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