This is the best DPS class for Neverwinter Mod 16

The Mod 16 has been released and is now more horrible than ever, and the changes can be frightening. Each class has acquired the nerfs of Neverwinter Mod 16, but each class is still destroyed in one way or another. So, which category is / is the best now? This is my idea based on my own gaming experience.

The barbarian is still very strong overall, but most of it is damage to the AoE of the trash can (don't misunderstand me, it's not a bad thing, the trash can now be as deadly as the boss). I think that a single goal is a rogue, followed by a wizard.

The wizard may be the best rounding class. Good boss DPS, good AoE DPS. A few times I defeated a guide on the painkiller chart as a 23k ilvl barbarian. At that time the wizard was much lower than I was in ilvl and there was no new artifact weapon. In DPS, even if I am using sublime original skills while using alabaster, a wizard who is proficient in 20k will be very close to me.

No. 3 is currently a hunter. The hunter is the king of AoE, even better than the barbarian.

Arbitration clerks have potential but have high skill limits, and most of the people I have seen have underperformed. A great arbiter is awesome, and a mediocre arbiter is terrible. Powerful AoE, but because of its large size is a straight line rather than a circle, it needs to be positioned. There are persistent problems in long-term boss fights. According to the official forum, some of their abilities/feats are wrong and have no function, so if these problems/problems are resolved, it will be better.

The ACT log and the training dummy show that all DPS specifications differ by about 10% from each other, which is what Cryptic wants, and is quite balanced...but.

I heard that Stormwarden HR is really good. Like, the sound I heard from a week or so, they are the new ultimate sniper, hit millions, plus I already like my remote HR, they just violently open the sky / Arrow arrow / eagle / electric shock / aiming shot. You can handle good AoE and ST DPS, and now you actually use it every day by slamming.

Keep in mind that the content displayed by the ACT when you are training a dummy is not what you actually see in the instance. Due to the fatality of AoE and the mobility of many bosses, melee will spend a lot of time running around and repositioning on most bosses. Distance courses have an advantage here because they have more time to reach their goals and are less likely to fail than garbage.

Now you know which DPS class to choose when starting Neverwinter Mod 16. You can unlock and upgrade them with Cheap NeverWinter Astra Diamonds.


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