Tower of the Mad Mage notes for beginners

While the Neverwinter guide focuses in depth on how things work, here I will try to focus on common mistakes and some tips.

General Positioning

This is probably the most basic and most important part.

This positioning has several advantages:

The healers have a clear view of both the tanks and the DPS. Allowing them to see the HP of all members and to identify the roles easily.

Paladins can cast a single barrier on the whole group, giving a better chance of getting an assured critical barrier on everyone.

Allowed the Clerics to cast the shield on the tanks if needed.

Easy to regroup, in cases if Hypothermia or other split mechanics, the paladin joins the tanks and the other healer the DPS.

Important things:

No ranged DPS, forget this concept, everyone need to hug Halastar’s ass. If you can’t tell the color of his underwear, or if he has any (who knows when it’s laundry day), you are standing way too far.

Reform back fast – Do not dawdle if you got out of position, a good chance is that the Paladin waiting for everyone to reform to cast barrier, or you are in the way, standing on top of a tank or a healer.

Tanks – Do not move too far on the annihilate balls, it creates several issues:

Harder for the healers to get to you.Can’t heal the DPS and you with a single hit.

If you are not back in time / fast enough, Halastar will move towards you, creating a moving train that eventually will loose position, with the dps forgotten at the back. More so, many skills, buffs and debuffs are positional, Paladin Circle of Power, staff of flower, banners, etc..  

Nothing like casting a Circle of Power and having Halastar chasing a tank just two steps out of range.

You end up cornering yourself, leaving no room to move away on annihilate. Keep Halastar in the middle, so everyone can spread, break chains,

spread on magnetism signs and so on.

Easier for you (tanks) to hug on Duumvirate if you are not continents apart.

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