What Neverwinter Hags Are Favorites Among D&D Game Devs

The events of the 20th Module for Neverwinter, an MMORPG for Dungeons & Dragons, have recently come to a conclusion with the release of Episode 3: The Odious Court. Module 20: Sharandar brings players back to the locations of the very first Neverwinter Module, The Fury of the Feywild, as the Iliyanbruen attempt to fight back against new dark evils asserting their influence over the Feywild. Leading these monsters are the three Hags, twisted beings intent on inflicting misery and death on any who attempt to intercept them. Each of these Hags possesses unique traits and abilities, making them a good challenge for Neverwinter players.

The events of Module 20: Sharandar are broken up into three episodes, each focused on one of the different Hags. In Episode 1: The Iron Tooth, players go up against the massive Annis Hag and her onslaught of powerful physical attacks. In Episode 2: The Soul Keeper, players will challenge the Night Hag Mathilda Soulstealer who has taken control of the Mended Grove and deals powerful magical damage while summoning her followers to assist in battle. The final episode for Module 20, Episode 3: The Odious Court has players take on the Green Hag Velma the Bonegrinder, who uses illusion magic to trick and deceive the party during an encounter. All three of Neverwinter's Hags offer difficult challenges and will require good strategies to defeat.

Each of the Hags has a unique design carefully put together by the Neverwinter development team. While building the 20th Module, many of the developers came to have a favorite Hag they personally enjoyed working on. Lead Designer Randy Mosiondz and Senior Game Designer Noah Holmes both appreciated the Green Hag Velma the Bonegrinder. In a statement to Screen Rant, Lead Designer Randy Mosiondz said, "My favorite is the Green Hag, Velma the Bonegrinder. While all the Hags are twisted and malevolent in different ways, Velma is downright pure evil. She revels in cruelty for its own sake, which makes her a great villain and mastermind for the coven of the Odious Court."

Unfortunately, the Night Hag appears to be left out by the Neverwinter development team, stuck between the two favorites. Despite this, the Night Hag is no less intimidating an opponent and may appeal to some Neverwinter fans for her powerful magical abilities and stark contrasts to the first Neverwinter Module 20 encounter with the Annis Hag, or the final battle against the tricky Green Hag. The one thing that may make the Night Hag less popular than her counterparts is her overall simplicity. Compared to the Annis Hag and the Green Hag, she has the least exaggerated design and appears more like a standard evil witch than a twisted, malformed monster.

While the events of Module 20: Sharandar have come to a close, there is still plenty for D&D MMORPG fans to look forward to thanks to a recently announced future update that will add the Bard class to Neverwinter. The update will including two different paragon paths to pick between - Songblades, who offer a Bard designed for combat, and Minstrels, who focus on healing and give buffs to the party. This is exciting news for fans of the game who have been waiting for the opportunity to explore the world as a charismatic Bard, and will add more variety to the classes currently available in Neverwinter. Hopefully, there will be more information about upcoming content and new Modules for Neverwinter in the near future, for those who are ready to embark on their next adventure in the game.


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