What to do with old enchantments in Neverwinter?

Module 22 for Neverwinter introduces many new elements to the Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG. In addition to Neverwinter Astral Diamonds a large map and new storyline, the game changes how enchantments function. It’s quite a dramatic shift and can really throw players off when it comes time to replace enchantments or increase your character’s item level. To avoid any confusion, here’s how the new enchantment system works.

What are enchantments?

Enchantments were originally equipped to items such as weapons and armor. They can boost certain attributes and always increase item level, making characters more capable in battle and adventure in more challenging areas.

Where to find enchantments?

Enchantments from before module 22 will no longer be found in the game. If a player still has any, they can trade them in for new ones at the antiquities dealer in Protector’s Enclave. If players need new enchantments, they can spend astral diamonds to buy them at the sages shop in Protector’s Enclave as well.

What are the major enchantment changes?

The new enchantment system includes a new menu that features slots related to various combat skills. There are four offensive and defensive enchantments, two overload slots, one combat, one utility, and one bonus. The update also moved artifacts to the new menu, but they still function the same way as the previous module.

Another major change comes when it’s time to upgrade enchantments. Instead of having 15 ranks, new enchantments only have five. They can be upgraded by collecting a certain amount of glyphs, gold, and refinement points. Once they reach level five, they are fully upgraded.

The system allows players to replace enchantments without having to pay any gold. Whereas before, players had to use some of their gold to remove an enchantment from a weapon.


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