Win this SteelSeries and Neverwinter prize pack on the PCG discussions

Head over to the PC Gamer discussions for an opportunity to win a heap of fantastic prizes, politeness of SteelSeries and Neverwinter distributers Perfect World Entertainment.

With Neverwinter's latest module, Jewel of the North, there's a lot to celebrate. Indeed, there are personal satisfaction enhancements, including a more comprehensive evening out framework, however we're especially amped up for the expansion of a fresh out of the box new class!

Finally, we can decide to play as a troubadour, joining some fast swordwork with mysterious tunes. In view of the mainstream D&D fifth release class, the Bard permits you to chop down your enemies and let them find out about it in a rad solo. Two Paragon Paths give you the choice of singing and recuperating from a far distance (Minstrel) or getting into close battle and expanding your solidarity through an anthem (Songblade).

Alongside this new class and in-game updates, champs of our most recent giveaway will be blessed to receive a heap of prizes:

Gold Prize (1 champ):

1 Neverwinter: Jewel of the North Rise to Adventure Kit politeness of SteelSeries and Perfect World, which incorporates:

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Neverwinter-marked SteelSeries QcK Cloth Gaming Mousepad

Neverwinter "Troubadour Treasure Chest" that incorporates the accompanying Neverwinter-marked things: 1 Steel Tankard, 2 Drink Coasters and 1 Wooden Guitar Pick

Additionally a computerized code to open the Legendary Beholder Tank Mount for Neverwinter on Arc Games.

Silver Prize (3 champs):

Neverwinter-marked SteelSeries QcK Cloth Gaming Mousepad in addition to an advanced code to open the Pack of the Wolf for Neverwinter on Arc Games.

Bronze Prize (100 champs)

An advanced code to open the Adventurer's Support Pack for Neverwinter on Arc Games.


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